Project Description

Art and creating art is a journey and I look forward to what comes next.

I’m Bobbi DeVorss of  “Bobbi D Designs”.

Our family, originally, is from Nebraska though growing up we moved around a lot. I am an artist today because of my grandparents. They had a cattle ranch 32 miles out of town. As a little girl I spent a lot of time there. My grandparents were from the depression era and were reusing, repurposing and recycling long before it was a “good thing to do”. It was a way of life. On hot summer afternoons we would go inside to the kitchen table and my grandmother would bring out muffin tins, buttons, fabric, cereal boxes etc. and ask us what we would like to make with these items. To this day I usually find more than one purpose for many items.

My college background is in commercial advertising, as well as art history. I have been a display artist for galleries, painted in most mediums and had a career, for many years, as a professional picture framer.

It was when I started to create garden pieces from old fencing that I realized how much I enjoyed metal. My love for metal has now evolved to working with precious metals and making jewelry. I continue to explore and experiment in art, excited by the possibilities and opportunities that present themselves to me.