Project Description

“I’ll eat you up I love you so.”   Maurice Sendak

I’m Danelle Jones of Underbrush Art. I grew up as an only child in rural Alaska. When I wasn’t reading nerdy books I was drawing imaginative pictures. After spending a year abroad studying art in Indonesia I settled in Oregon to go to art school at Pacific Northwest College of Art for a BFA degree in Illustration. 

I spent 10 years as an illustrator and graphic designer in the theater community in Portland. But I wanted work that was more physical, so I took joined the trades as an electrician with IBEW local 48. After several years working as a commercial electrician, I decided to move to the coast in 2014 and spend more time outside and making art. I still sometimes do electrical work, but I also have my own landscaping business and a business supporting independent artists like myself. I work in an old barn near Neskowin making whimsical animal portraits, seascapes and cloudscapes and whatever catches my fancy. 

I have a small lab mix named Inky who keeps me company in the studio. She sometimes wears scarves and tries to steal my coffee when I’m not looking. She is a brilliant conceptual artist but no one understands her vision. 

My favorite muppets are the Business Business monsters. They scat sing about profits and business while dueling monsters sing about love and joy. It’s a skit I enact daily in

my subconscious. It’s fantastic.