Project Description

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

I learned the art of wreath making from my mom and began making wreaths on my own in 1980. My kids hated when they were in the car with me after a windstorm, as I would stop to pick up branches, boughs, cones and pods lying in the ditches along the road. I was a “ditch diver”. This was no different than a dumpster diver in their mortified teenage minds.

Early in November, I head for the Cascade mountain range where I forage for moss branches, juniper, fir, hemlock, manzanita, and huckleberry. I drive the roads of Yamhill County in search of hawthorn berries, crabapples and cones. I travel with long handled pruners always at the ready. I use limes, lemons, persimmons, dried roses, hydrangeas, nuts, pods, and many other items in the wreaths I design in my workshop/classroom in Carlton, Oregon.

In the nursery/greenhouse business, I owned for years, I grew perennials, grasses, and hanging baskets. My favorite memories are the workshops where I taught classes and honed my craft into the Wild Oregon Wreaths which I create today. My style is natural, wild, unique and rarely very “Christmassy” and I feel immense joy when people love their wreaths so much, they don’t want to take them down after the holidays.