Project Description

I heard a bird sing in the dark of December, a magical thing and sweet to remember.

Oliver Herford

I am vintage-inspired artist and junk huntress Lynn Van Horn of Tink Design and Recycling Studio. The name is derived from ‘Tinkertoo’, a childhood nickname of hazy origins that somehow seems to fit because I do like to tinker! I was born in Tennessee, raised in New Jersey, met my husband Jay at Penn State, and we made a one way trip to Oregon in 1991. Although we loved our little bungalow in Southeast Portland, the beauty of the Willamette Valley beckoned. We heeded the call, and in 2007 bought a fixer-upper farm just outside Carlton. Twelve years later, well lets just say it’s an ongoing project…

I love to sew and play with vintage textiles. Repurposing old blankets, linens, and papers into fun new clothing, accessories, and household doodads is a total trip for me. The bits and pieces that are the raw materials present themselves as-is, so I am always working with or around flaws to create something new. Because the materials I use were often handmade and once loved, I always try to create with an eye toward making something that is really special, something that will last and bring new joy, an heirloom.

And so, to support all this ‘making’, I am often scouring the local scene for worn or faded textiles, weathered tools, chipped or rusty furniture, old artwork and books, the list goes on! Really, any type of of vintage artifact or cast-off I stumble upon is potential art!  I love the thrill of the hunt and the ensuing Zen of designing new from old. The entire creative process, from finding the raw materials to labeling a finished piece, is such a fulfilling journey. You really don’t know what the end will be until you get there, and I love that!