Project Description

Lynnette’s favorite quote:

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

Anais Nin     

Amy’s favorite quote:

“Mee mee meeep.”


We are Amy Wilder and Lynnette Shaw, the duo behind My Traveling Speakeasy. We are relentless adventurers at heart, and we also love a good cocktail hour. Always on a quest for civilized drinking in a sometimes wild world, we have created a line of traveling bars and bar kits for those who want to bring the culture of fine cocktails on their own adventures. Our creations lean heavily on our vintage, “roaring 20s” and speakeasy aesthetic and have vintage barware, glassware and upcycled vintage boxes and cases (suitcases, tool boxes, etc.) as core components. Our designs often exist in the gray area between the practical and the fantastic – creating objects with an engaging mix of artistry and suitability of purpose.

Our joint fascination with both high concept craft and logistical problem solving has given us a unique perspective for approaching our creations – each project being both a puzzle to be solved and an upcycled object to be illuminated with craftsmanship, bound for a new life.

We live with beloved animals (who in their right mind doesn’t?) but they consistently refuse to help.

If we were to wake up tomorrow as muppets, we are pretty certain that Amy would be the assistant scientist Beaker (introverted, loyal, not great with words, smart and funny) and Lynnette would be Gonzo (both have an odd fascination with Madeline Kahn).