Project Description

Mark’s Artist statement

I’m Mark Hamilton of the “Encaustic Duo”.  I grew up in Arkansas, where I attended art school, and moved to Oregon 14 years ago.   My wife and I paint together and separately, working out of our studio in Carton, Oregon.

I paint with the encaustic medium and create art in an attempt to convey the mindfulness and peace that comes to me while admiring certain elements in nature.  I strive to capture those meditative moments in time….where we just stop, breathe and realize the beauty of what we are observing.  To me, this can happen in a natural or urban environment.

Encaustic is pigment bound in wax.  It’s one of the oldest known pigmented art forms.  It’s a very physical medium.  It’s applied in a molten state, in layers to achieve depth and dimension.

This depth, combined with the sculptural quality of the encaustic medium can achieve the ethereal quality of a landscape or the symmetry and form needed for a more detailed or architectural piece.

Julia’s Artist statement

I’m Julia Hamilton, and along with my husband, make up the “Encaustic Duo”.  I grew up in England and Wales and attended art school in Newport, South Wales.  I work out of my studio on Main street in Carlton, Oregon.

I was introduced to the encaustic medium (beeswax with pigment) several years ago.  It captured my curiosity and senses like no other.

I am inspired by nature, and abstractions of nature, and this medium lends itself particularly well to water with its depth and luminosity.

I apply the encaustic medium in layers onto cradled wood panels.  Each layer is fused with heat onto the last.  I sometimes use found objects to add even more dimension and texture.   You can carve, transfer images or paint traditionally with this wonderful and versatile medium.