Project Description

Frida Kahlo’s fearless journey through life is a great inspiration to me. “I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.”

My name is Shirley Hays of “Sew Mini Bits”.  I grew up in Willamina, where I discovered painting as my first love. I currently live in Yamhill with my family and 2 dogs. This year has been very exciting as we built a studio for me to work. Traveling with my paints or painting outside is a wonderful second to the studio. My favorite medium is oils. The subject of my work depends on my mood, and outcome depends on my feelings about what I am painting. I love learning new art forms, and I am never afraid to venture outside the box.

When unable to paint I do a lot of hand stitching.  Quilts are where I start, either hand or machine piecing then quilting by hand, or I am making fabric books. I have very little fabric waste. Everything is used right down to the smallest pieces that would normally be tossed out.  They become stitched together to make forms that will be beaded into jewelry or bits of embellishments for other projects. Keeping my hands busy is the best way to live life.