“And all at once summer collapsed into fall.” Oscar Wilde

I love the color orange, pumpkin pie, and a hot toddy.  Gusty winds and dancing leaves. My cat, Phoebe, crawling into my bed in the middle of the night like a heat-seeking device. Shifting clothes in the closet. Donning a sweater in the morning and peeling it off by afternoon. Putting my garden to rest for the winter.  Bountiful farmer’s markets, fields of pumpkins, and hay bales. Friends furiously canning for winter (thinking of you Susan D.). Vineyards where workers busily harvest dawn to dusk. The signs of lively wineries as they begin production of new vintages. I love all these things, especially the frenetic energy of completion paired with preparing for winter’s rest.

Our Barn Swallow Artists are transitioning in similar ways.  They’ve planted and nourished their “seeds” and will soon bring their “harvests” to market. 

I hope you too are enjoying this season.  Now put on your stocking cap, pull on your boots, and joyfully stomp in some autumn leaves.


Carlton, Oregon