Our primary consideration for a host venue is that there is viable space to set up a BSA market. Space should be sheltered and heated (as necessary), and well-lit. In the drier months, we can consider using outdoor spaces. There should be electricity available at the site, as well as wifi coverage and password for vendor transactions.

It is important that the host venue has adequate and accessible parking for BSA vendors and customers. Our artists have to do a lot of lugging around, so clear loading zones are appreciated! If field parking, it is a good idea to have an attendant on site to keep the traffic organized.

We invite all participating artists to a meet and greet about a month prior to the event. We find it is very beneficial to have this meeting at the host venue whenever possible. This allows us to introduce the site to our artists, giving them a opportunity to visualize their booth configuration and plan accordingly.

We promote all BSA events via social media and this website. We also often use print materials to get the word out. We ask that the  host venue also engage their mailing list, social media followers, etc to promote. If you are able to create postcards, we find that to be a great way to invite folks to market!

Depending on the site and availability, we may use host-owned tables, chairs, pipe and drape, etc to arrange the space.