Artists interested in joining BSA are invited to complete and submit our online application. Once we have received your application and photos, we will make evaluations with an eye towards how your art fits with the Barn Swallow vision. All types of creative endeavors are welcome! We are looking for creativity in expression, originality, professionalism of finished pieces, a high level of commitment to your artistic journey, uniqueness of products, and that undefinable X factor all BSA artists possess!

We believe it is important to get to know our prospective BSA artists, so the next step may be a meeting with Lauri and Lynn. Here we will take the time to introduce ourselves to each other, learn more about your life, art, and passions, and hopefully see your artwork in person. This application and interview process has proven to be a great way to find the supportive, creative, collaborative engaging souls we seek to be part of the Barn Swallow Artists collective.