How far in advance must a Barn Swallow Market be scheduled?

Ideally, we would have at least 6 months to arrange a BSA market. However, it rarely works out this way! If you are thinking about hosting a market, get in touch with us regardless of the timeline. We are experienced market organizers, and have a great variety of local artists to call on. It’s always possible we can

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If I host a Market, what will Barn Swallow Artists provide?

This is where we shine! BSA will provide everything but the physical space. We have a vetted group of top-notch local artists and makers to call upon depending on the size of market you wish to host. We provide all administrative and accounting duties-organizing artists, collecting fees, handling transactions, and communicating updates to the partner venue. BSA will

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Who attends Barn Swallow Artists Markets?

Lots of people! We have worked hard to create a dedicated following, and continue to help it grow. Our customers look forward to the next Barn Swallow Artists market with eager anticipation! We find our attendees to be enthusiastic supporters of the local artistic community. Anyone who is looking for a memorable, engaging market experience will not be disappointed.

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How are Barn Swallow Markets promoted?

Primarily, we promote Barn Swallow Artists markets through social media platforms. Often we are able to take advantage of a venue’s mailing list to cross-promote our sales. BSA also has its own substantial following, as do our many artists. Collectively, we are able to reach a wide and diverse group of potential customers. All BSA sales (and our

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Where are Barn Swallow Artists Markets located?

That’s one of the fun things about being a Barn Swallow Artist-you never know where the flock will land! Our markets are typically held at Willamette Valley sites. We often partner with local wineries, creating events that draw crowds of customers to the host venue. We have also held markets in a private barn and a local city

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What should my Market booth look like and what am I required to bring to each Market?

This question goes to the heart of what a Barn Swallow Artists market is all about! Booths go beyond what you would see at a typical ‘craft show’. We look for artists that will create spaces unique to their personalities and artwork. Your booth should be its own visual experience-embellished with furniture, fixtures, textiles, lighting, etc. We love

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Do I need market experience to be a Barn Swallow Artist?

Not necessarily, although having some market experience is an asset. Part of the Barn Swallow Artists vetting process involves discussing the artist’s market experience and booth design concept. We do occasionally accept artists that show good potential, even if they have no market experience. In these cases, we will coach them as needed through the BSA market process.

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