This question goes to the heart of what a Barn Swallow Artists market is all about! Booths go beyond what you would see at a typical ‘craft show’. We look for artists that will create spaces unique to their personalities and artwork. Your booth should be its own visual experience-embellished with furniture, fixtures, textiles, lighting, etc. We love to see spaces that make good use of height. So get creative! Come up with a signature booth design that exemplifies and compliments your artistic style. There are no rules, the goal is to make your space an engaging and memorable shopping experience for our BSA customers.

Most Barn Swallow sales will require a 10′ x 10′ white pop-up canopy. Other things you will need to bring for a sale include a comfy portable chair, food and drinks, cell phone and charger, fully charged transaction device (square, PayPal), cashbox, wheeled trolley or hand truck. Also, a smile and your most charming self!

We will host a Barn Swallow Artists Meet and Greet in advance of each market, usually at the market venue. Artists are invited to meet each other, collaborate, check out the site, come up with booth ideas, ask questions, and get complete details of the event.