How to Apply

Do I need market experience to be a Barn Swallow Artist?

Not necessarily, although having some market experience is an asset. Part of the Barn Swallow Artists vetting process involves discussing the artist’s market experience and booth design concept. We do occasionally accept artists that show good potential, even if they have no market experience. In these cases, we will coach them as needed through the BSA market process.

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How soon before a Market do I need to turn in my application?

We have an ongoing calendar of Barn Swallow Artists markets scheduled, so if you are interested in joining us as an artist we encourage you to complete and submit an application. If it’s a fit, you’ll be in the loop for information about all upcoming BSA events. There are no applications for specific BSA events. If you decide

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What are the steps in the application process?

First thing is to reach out to us by submitting an application.  We ask that you include quality photos of your artwork and booth set-up. Lauri and Lynn will evaluate the submission, and if it seems like a fit we’ll arrange to meet with you in person over a cup of coffee. We’ll get to know each other,

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How is artwork evaluated for acceptance?

Artists interested in joining BSA are invited to complete and submit our online application. Once we have received your application and photos, we will make evaluations with an eye towards how your art fits with the Barn Swallow vision. All types of creative endeavors are welcome! We are looking for creativity in expression, originality, professionalism of finished

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What is the commission and/or payment structure?

Although payment structure will depend on the venue, in most cases artists will pay a deposit to hold a space with full payment due about a month before the event. We aim to keep our entry fees affordable and artist-friendly. Because we want to allow artists flexibility in pricing their work and make it accessible to buyers, we

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What type of artwork is accepted?

No limits on that one! We are interested in building a diverse roster of artists, so artistic expression in any media is considered. It is required that all merchandise (excluding vintage wares) is artist-produced. We are always looking for unique, well-finished artwork and talented local artists. If this sounds like you, let’s get acquainted! Apply here.

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