Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-05-24T14:33:14-07:00

“Working with Lauri and Lynn at Barn Swallow Artists has been incredible. We love to host larger marketplace-type events, but working with individual vendors can be time consuming. Barn Swallow Artists provide expertise in setting up and promoting events. They handle all recruitment and communication with the artists. They are proactive (which as a planner I appreciate), thorough and thoughtful. They make the process so simple! I look forward to working with them often in the future.”

Kristen Baxter, Director of Events, Abbey Road Farm

“We hosted the Barn Swallow Artists at our property, Durant at Red Ridge Farms, and both Lynn and Lauri were a pleasure to work with. They came to us with an organized and thoughtful idea for a holiday market. We seamlessly organized with them and were thrilled by the combination of artists that were in their curated group. The artists all had beautiful products, and the best part was how dynamic the spectrum of art was. The market was a success, and we were thrilled with the overlap of their followers and our regular clientele. We would recommend working with Barn Swallow Artists on any collective project!”

Briana Medow, Events Coordinator, Durant Vineyards at Red Ridge Farms
What is a Barn Swallow Artist Market?2019-10-12T14:00:01-07:00

In a nutshell, Barn Swallow Artists markets are a curated shopping event showcasing local professional-caliber artists and makers. BSA markets differ with each host venue, but all are intended to be a complete, unique, and memorable sensory experience for our customers. Booths are creatively designed by each artist to be fully engaging to the shopper, and artists are available to discuss their craft and give insight to their artwork. Our guests can expect a wonderful interactive and personal experience not typically found at other markets or craft shows.

Where are Barn Swallow Artists Markets located?2019-10-12T13:19:25-07:00

That’s one of the fun things about being a Barn Swallow Artist-you never know where the flock will land! Our markets are typically held at Willamette Valley sites. We often partner with local wineries, creating events that draw crowds of customers to the host venue. We have also held markets in a private barn and a local city park thus far.

How are Barn Swallow Markets promoted?2019-10-18T20:20:15-07:00

Primarily, we promote Barn Swallow Artists markets through social media platforms. Often we are able to take advantage of a venue’s mailing list to cross-promote our sales. BSA also has its own substantial following, as do our many artists. Collectively, we are able to reach a wide and diverse group of potential customers. All BSA sales (and our wonderful artists!) are promoted on our website, through social media, print media and networking opportunities.  In addition, we have printed materials (postcards, posters) created for each event, and distributed throughout the community and beyond.

What is Barn Swallow Artists?2019-10-18T20:31:44-07:00

Barn Swallow Artists is a dynamic collective of talented Willamette Valley artists and makers. We (our flock?) can be found at local markets throughout the year, hosted by various venues in Oregon’s beautiful wine country. Artists Lauri Lewis (Unhinged Art) and Lynn Van Horn (Tink design & Recycling Studio) founded Barn Swallow Artists  in 2018 with the aim of building a community of local creatives, and organizing markets in which our artists are able to show and sell their work. Barn Swallow Artists markets are fully vetted, professional events that can be customized to suit the needs of the host venue. Barn Swallow Artists also offers classes and online shopping.

Can we, as the host site, request specific artists to be in our Market?2019-10-09T19:08:27-07:00

Barn Swallow Artists markets feature Barn Swallow Artists – exclusively. We have an extensive roster of local talent, and we are always able to put a curated selection of these artists together for your event. If you have outside artists you wish to be included in your hosted market, please invite them to complete and submit an online application for consideration as a Barn Swallow Artist.

If I host a Market, what will Barn Swallow Artists provide?2019-10-08T09:35:10-07:00

This is where we shine! BSA will provide everything but the physical space. We have a vetted group of top-notch local artists and makers to call upon depending on the size of market you wish to host. We provide all administrative and accounting duties-organizing artists, collecting fees, handling transactions, and communicating updates to the partner venue. BSA will coordinate all set-up and take-down procedures according to your timeline and the specifications of your site.

On the promotion side, BSA will engage their substantial following (flock) via the Barn Swallow Artists website, and our social media accounts. Each Barn Swallow artist will also reach out to their respective audience to promote your market.

We will deliver a high caliber, no-stress, turnkey local artisan market for your venue. This is the true benefit to being a host partner with Barn Swallow Artists!

How far in advance must a Barn Swallow Market be scheduled?2019-10-08T09:33:34-07:00

Ideally, we would have at least 6 months to arrange a BSA market. However, it rarely works out this way! If you are thinking about hosting a market, get in touch with us regardless of the timeline. We are experienced market organizers, and have a great variety of local artists to call on. It’s always possible we can pull off your event in less time than you might think!

Who will our contact(s) be as we coordinate our hosted Market?2019-10-05T13:37:15-07:00

Co-founders Lauri and Lynn will be your primary contacts. We will meet with you regularly to ensure the market is developing according to your vision and needs, and will keep you fully updated as planning progresses.

Is a standard floor plan or minimum square footage required to host a Market?2019-10-08T09:31:17-07:00

As long as there is adequate space for the number of artists requested, BSA is able to work with almost any configuration. We love to get creative! No two BSA markets are alike, and we are adept at creating a market that will work for your space and vision.

What is the process to schedule a Market?2019-10-08T09:30:36-07:00

Please complete and submit our online form and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible. We will arrange a site visit and meeting to discuss your thoughts concerning a BSA market. Once we determine it’s a go, Lauri and Lynn will take it from there-handling all vendor arrangements, communications, accounting, market set-up and take-down, etc. And you will have a successful, stress-free local artisan market!

What are the costs to host a Market?2019-10-08T09:29:32-07:00

BSA administrative fees vary depending on the site, size of market (number of vendors), and goals of the partnering venue. We aim to offer a fee schedule that is fair and reasonable to all parties. Our business model is geared toward providing local artists with affordable outlets in which to sell their goods. For this reason, BSA does not pay to use venue space.

Are host sites required to provide staff for the Market?2019-10-08T09:28:34-07:00

We require that a representative from the venue be on site for the duration of the event.  The host venue should be open and operating while the market is happening. We encourage our host partners to engage and integrate with the market. Invite your employees and tasting room visitors to come through and meet our artists, pour (and sell!) a little wine at the event, offer tours. Venue might consider a parking attendant depending on the situation.

As the host site, what do we need to provide?2019-10-08T09:27:23-07:00

Our primary consideration for a host venue is that there is viable space to set up a BSA market. Space should be sheltered and heated (as necessary), and well-lit. In the drier months, we can consider using outdoor spaces. There should be electricity available at the site, as well as wifi coverage and password for vendor transactions.

It is important that the host venue has adequate and accessible parking for BSA vendors and customers. Our artists have to do a lot of lugging around, so clear loading zones are appreciated! If field parking, it is a good idea to have an attendant on site to keep the traffic organized.

We invite all participating artists to a meet and greet about a month prior to the event. We find it is very beneficial to have this meeting at the host venue whenever possible. This allows us to introduce the site to our artists, giving them a opportunity to visualize their booth configuration and plan accordingly.

We promote all BSA events via social media and this website. We also often use print materials to get the word out. We ask that the  host venue also engage their mailing list, social media followers, etc to promote. If you are able to create postcards, we find that to be a great way to invite folks to market!

Depending on the site and availability, we may use host-owned tables, chairs, pipe and drape, etc to arrange the space.

Can we customize Market details to meet our goals?2019-10-08T09:25:50-07:00

Heck yes!  We love to collaborate with our host venues to create the most successful, well-attended, memorable events possible. We are always open to creativity in organizing and promoting these events, so bring your best ideas and we will work with you to create the perfect Barn Swallow Artists market for your goals.

What are the set-up and tear-down requirements?2019-10-20T22:48:27-07:00

While most Barn Swallow Artists are prepared to set up their booths the morning of the event, having access to the site the day prior to the event is much preferred. This allows Lauri and Lynn to get set up early, and be available to assist others as they move their goods in day-of. We find it goes much smoother this way!

Our take-down procedure is simple and quick. All Barn Swallow artists are professional vendors skilled in a quick getaway! You can expect us to be be completely pulled out two hours after the event ends, leaving the space clean, clear, and ready for the next event.

What happens if damage or theft occurs at the Market site during the event?2019-10-08T09:32:19-07:00

Most of our venues will carry insurance for damage or theft that occurs at their expense. We will confirm this with each host venue. If artist merchandise is not covered via the venue, BSA will purchase an insurance rider to provide coverage. Although we will make every effort to secure artist’s inventory, BSA cannot be held responsible for theft via shoplifting during events. We ask our artists to take precautions:

  • Get to know your neighbors and help each other keep an eye on the environment
  • Get coverage for your booth if you want to take a break
  • If you see something, say something to Lauri or Lynn
  • Keep a detailed inventory and sales record for each day of event
  • For two-day events:
    • consider taking your valuable items home overnight
    • Take photos (or video) of your booth after set-up and again before you leave the site



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